20cm x 6m Vacuum Sealer Rolls by Videmaster (Pack Of 2)

20cm x 6m Vacuum Sealer Rolls by Videmaster (Pack Of 2)

28cm x 5m Perforated Portion Vacuum Sealer Rolls by Videmaster (Pack of 2)

28cm wide x 5m long embossed vacuum portion pouch food roll, in packs of 2. Each roll is perforated down the middle, allowing you to bag two items using a single roll. These bags are great for individual size portions, snack packs, lunches or simply sealing your food twice as fast! 

All our vacuum sealer food rolls are certified food safe and are BPA free. They are boilable, dishwasher and freezer safe and work with the majority of external suction vacuum sealers.

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NEW! Perforated vacuum pouch rolls. Each roll is 28cm wide and has a perforation down the centre, meaning you can now seal 2 items individually at one, and split them. Bulk package items twice as fast, or pack one side with meat, the other with veg etc. I real timesaver! Ideal for anyone who wishes to portion their food to help with a calorie controlled diet.

1 pack containing (2 x 5 metre x 28cm roll). Each rolls is individually sealed for freshness

-Boilable for 1hr,
-Dishwasher Safe
-BPA, lead and phthalate free  
-Sealable food-safe rolls suitable for sous vide cooking
-Perforated for quick portioning

Our vacuum sealer rolls are made from the highest quality PA/PE food safe material, ensuring the bag material is safe for your food. These rolls have a channelled 'criss-cross' pattern ensuring the air is expelled quickly and efficiently.

Advantages of a vacuum roll:-

- Cut to any size and seal
- No waste
- Easy to store
- Huge 5m long by 28cm wide



- takes longer than a pre-made vacuum bag
- can mean needing to make a wider bag than needed for smaller items