Stainless Vacuum Sealer With Integrated Scale

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Videmaster Vacuum Food Sealer With Built-In Integrated Scale - Electromagnetic Locking System - Weigh, Vac and Seal for Perfect Portion Control

Here it is - the perfect 'weigh' to portion your meals. The integrated scale means that your scales can always be out on the kitchen side, along with your food sealer. The scales can also run on 2 AA batteries so it works even when the sealer is switched off, and the scale removes easily for quick cleaning, or can be stored underneath the sealer. Just weigh out your portions, pack and vacuum seal. The electro-magnetic clamps mean that the sealer locks the bag in place until the item is vacuumed. With its exceptionally stylish Stainless Steel finish, and exceptionally small footprint, this sealer will make a welcome addition to any kitchen

Our Comments : 'An exceptionally small sealer for the size of rolls it can seal. It is feature packed, and has touch controls for all the features you need to hand. The addition of the magnetic clasps means people who find it difficult to clamp shut standard sealers will be able to use this sealer with ease It's also ideal for anyone on a diet, where it is important to know what amounts you are cooking and eating. A stylish sealer that's bound to please.'

Main Features :-

  • Integrated Weighing Scales
  • Electo-Magnetic Clamp System
  • Dry/Moist Food Setting
  • Normal/Gentle Vacuum
  • Idle Position - Keeps Pressure off Gasket When Not In Use
  • Marinating Feature
  • Canister Hose
  • Comes with 5 bags and 1 roll
  • Domestic Use Only
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