Stainless Vacuum Sealer With Integrated Scale

The Videmaster VS1000 is the smarter way to store your food. Packed with smart technology, the VS1000 is future proofed for years to come.

Sleek and stylish, with its polished black and stainless steel finish, it's the perfect addition to any kitchen. Being super slimline, it takes up far less room on your kitchen side (or in the cupboard if you must!). With its fully automatic vacuum system, gone are the days of struggling to clamp your sealer shut. Just pop your bag in the sealer, press the auto-seal button, and the sealer will close, vacuum, seal and re-open without you lifting a finger...literally.

With its non wear silicone seals for extra durability, extra wide sealing bar strip, and double pump vacuum, you're guaranteed to be sealing with this machine week in week out. The integrated scale means that measuring your portions is right in front of you, all the time, saving you time searching for that weighing scale, and also saving counter space.

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Not All Vacuum Sealers Are Created Equal
Check Out The Features and Benefits Of The VS1000 Vacuum Sealer And See For Yourself

With An Integrated Scale, It Makes Portion Control A Breeze

Once you've used the integrated scaled on the VS1000, you'll wonder why all vacuum sealers havent included one before. No more fiddling around in the cupboards looking for a seperate set of scales - this one is built right on top of the sealer. With a weight limit of 2KG, a tare feature, and settings for Lbs, Grams and Kgs, you're covered no matter what needs weighing.

Perfect for portion control to help you keep track of what you're eating, or simply to measure out ingredients ready for packing, its convenient and space saving.  And if you leave your sealer out on the worktop, (and why wouldnt you when it looks this good!) its an easy and convenient way to always have some scales to hand when needed, whether you're sealing items or not.


Fully Automatic - It's So Easy To Use

The VS1000 is fully automatic, meaning your vacuuming and sealing is completed at the touch of a button, with the digital display keeping you informed of whats happening all the time.

To seal a roll ready for use, simply lift the lid and place the neck of the roll over the sealing bar. Then press the seal button. The sealer will close itself, seal the bag, and re-open, all automatically, ready for you to use. Vacuuming an item is just as easy, and requires just one button press to vacuum and seal the item.
With no difficult clamps to struggle with on each side of the sealer like other models, it's perfect for anyone who finds it difficult to grip items, due to arthritis or hand weakness.

Touch Control - For Hygiene And Convenience

Controls to open and close the sealer, seal your bags, vacuum, and also weigh your food are all conveniently located in one area.

The simple to use touch sensitive panel, similar to your phone, controls all of the features of the VS1000 in one place. With no nooks or crannies for food or liquid to get into, its easy to keep clean and hygienic at the same time.

With settings for dry or moist foods, and vacuum speed control for when you are sealing delicate items, the VS1000 has got you covered. It also has a marinating feature, which when used with a canister (available seperately) will vacuum and release over a given period of time to draw marinade into your food.


Wide Sealing Strip - To Get The Job Done

Its no good having a fully featured vacuum sealer if you've not covered the basics. Thankfully, the VS1000 has a super wide teflon sealing strip, to ensure your vacuum bags keep the food in, and the air out, every time.

With a 2mm wide seal, your bags will keep your food secure, whether freezing, boiling, or cooking Sous Vide.

Removable Drip Tray - For Hygiene And Convenience

Its always recommended to part freeze any items that have a lot of liquid, like soups and stews before vacuum sealing, in order to avoid any accidental liquid being sucked in to the vacuum sealer, but juices from meats and cooked veg always have chance to be drawn up the bag to catch you out!

Thankfully, the VS1000 has a removable drip tray to catch any unwanted liquids before they end up in your sealer pump. If any liquid ends up in the drip tray, just pop it out, rinse under the sink, and pop it back in - easy.


Silicone Gaskets and Sealer Bar

In the past, vacuum sealers have traditionally had foam gaskets to provide an air-tight seal when clamping the bag shut. The downside to this is that they become compressed over time, due to constant clamping of the sealer,  finally resulting in the sealer not working. They are also difficult to clean, get sticky, and end up ripping or sticking to the opposite gasket. Replacement seals are a common solution to this, when available, but with manufacturers changing designs all the time, getting spare gaskets for your sealer becomes an uphill battle.

The VS1000 has silicone seals, meaning they do not compress, are hygienic, and removable should you need to wipe or rinse them. They will last as long as the sealer, and never need replacing. The sealer bar gasket on the lid is also made of silicone, creating a tight fit against the teflon sealing strip, and ensuring a great seal every time.

Powerful Suction And Motor


2 In1 Seal And Weigh


Feature Summary:


  • Touch to open/ close the lid/ auto vacuum
  • Touch-sensitive buttons, for hands-free operation
  • Extra wide sealing bar for sealing up to 30cm wide bags and rolls
  • Removable drip tray
  • Silicone upper and lower gasket seals
  • Double pump for more vacuum power
  • Auto-overheat feature
  • Fully automatic high-performance vacuum sealer
  • High-precision kitchen scale (capacity: 2kg)
  • LCD Display with LED Progress indicator 
  • Detachable power cord
  • Size: L37cm x W13cm x D7cm
  • 12 months warranty*

*Please note that this machine is not designed for heavy duty/commercial use and whilst it is possible it could be used in this kind of environment, it is sold for domestic use only. Our normal 12 month warranty will be void if this product is used in a manner that we consider to be a commercial environment.

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