Stainless Vacuum Sealer With Integrated Scale

Videmaster fully automatic vacuum sealer with integrated scale.

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The Videmaster VS1000 is the smarter way to store your food. Packed with smart technology, the VS1000 is future proofed for years to come.
Sleek and stylish, with its polished black and stainless steel finish, it's the perfect addition to any kitchen. Being super slimline, it takes far less room up of your kitchen side (or in the cupboard if you must!). With its fully automatic vacuum system, gone are the days of struggling to clamp your sealer shut. Just pop your bag in the sealer, press the auto-seal button, and the sealer will close, vacuum, seal and re-open without you lifting a finger...literally.
With its non wear silicone seals for extra durability, extra wide sealing bar strip, and double pump vacuum, you're guaranteed to be sealing with this machine week in week out. The integrated scale means that measuring your portions is right in front of you, all the time, saving you time searching for that weighing scale, and also saving counter space.


  • Touch to open/ close the lid/ auto vacuum
  • Touch-sensitive buttons, for hands-free operation
  • Extra wide sealing bar
  • Removable drip tray
  • Silicone upper and lower gasket seals
  • Double pump for more vacuum power
  • Auto-overheat feature
  • Fully automatic high-performance vacuum sealer
  • High-precision kitchen scale (capacity: 2kg)
  • LCD Display with LED Progress indicator¬†
  • Detachable power cord
  • Size: L37cm x W13cm x D7cm

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