2.8 Ltr and 1ltr  Marinating Vacuum Canister Multipack

2.8 Ltr and 1ltr Marinating Vacuum Canister Multipack

1 Ltr Marinating Vacuum Canister

1 Ltr Marinating Vacuum Canister

Wine Bottle Vacuum Stopper twin pack with hose

Twin pack bottle stopper for use with your vacuum sealer canister feature. Comes with 2 stoppers and 1 hose attachment.

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If you're anything like the staff here at Bagsoffreshness, then there probably wont be that many occasions when you find yourself with an unfinished bottle of wine to put back in the fridge!!, but rumour has it that there are instances when this can happen :) 

Leaving wine half open and popping a cork back into the neck can impair the taste of the remaining wine in the bottle, due to the wine being in contact with the oxygen in the bottle. This simple kit removes the oxygen from within the bottle, and thus stops the wine from having contact with oxygen - Simple. 
2 specially designed rubber bungs are included in the kit. These bungs can be used for any opened bottles that you wish to remove the air from, like olive oil etc, not just wine. They are not recommended for use with fizzy liquids. 
How to use:
1. Simply insert the plastic cork into the neck of the bottle, and connect the hose. Then attach the other end to your vacuum sealer. 
2. Press the lid firmly shut, and press the canister button to expel the air from the bottle. When you come to re-open the wine bottle, simply pop the cork like you would a Champagne bottle. 
A satisfying 'pop' will be heard, as the air rushes back in the bottle